Welcome to Eclektica's News Page

Here, we will update our clients on the new fun and exciting things happening in the salon.

3/14/20, A lot has happened this week in terms of the spreading of the Coronavirus. As a small business, we at Eclektica want to spread the word, not the virus. We are taking special precautions at our salon, as we want to make sure all of our staff as well as our customers feel safe with us here.

We have been disinfecting all stations, chairs, and have been making sure to clean ALL surfaces after any usage! Viruses are contagious, as is fear and panic. But lets remember that kindness and support is contagious as well. At Eclektica, this is how we feel about recent events surrounding the virus. We hope all of our lovely clients will stay safe and healthy during this time period and we look forward to seeing you all at Eclektica!  


3/7/20, Today we say goodbye to one of our Front Desk Supports, Parker. He is off to peruse his dreams of becoming a hair and makeup stylist. Parker has not been with us at Eclektica long, but his impact will last a very long time.  Parker, alongside doing front desk, would frequently do makeup for clients as well. His artistic expertise will be valued wherever he ends up. We will miss you, Parker!

In other news, we currently have a couple different sales and PROMOS going on for the month of March;

Purchase any two products and receive the third 50 percent off.

BOGO:50 percent off - Source Products, Deva Curl & ProFiber.

Ten dollars off any Powermix or Olaplex treatment.

17 percent off Brow Shaping. 

We are also doing a raffle that will be held on March 31st - Reserve your next two appointments with us to enter to win 200 dollars worth of products!